Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What I made for Easter...

I, unfortunately, had to work on Easter.  So, the night before I made a couple things for my husband to take to my grandparents' house.  He even got there early to help Grandma get everything ready... isn't that nice?

Anyway,  I decided I was going to make a carrot cake and homemade buns.  I'll post the recipes sometime later (the carrot cake recipe needs some tweaking.  It's not quite the texture I wanted, yet).  ...The buns were absolutely amazing!!!  They were like buttery little pillows of deliciousness. 

Here's some photos!

Almost ready to take out of the should have smelled these!

Piyush and I had to sneak one fresh out of the oven to share...That's when they're the best!


All ready for Easter dinner

Just a really quick decorating job on the carrot cake using homemade cream cheese frosting.

A really yummy carrot!

My grandpa liked the cake so much he had 3 pieces and thanked me for making "real food" and not "that healthy crap."

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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